Drown In It @chrisbrown @rkelly #RnB #writing #erotic #romance

 I’ve been MIA, but don’t be mad – all two of you who follow this blog LOL – thank you! – I have been writing. I’m like 20,000+ words into my first romance. I’ll post a little snippet for you later. Meanwhile, this is what I’ve been listening to while writing. I know, I know! It isn’t PC to be a woman and like Chris Brown, but bad relationship drama aside, you can’t deny the boy can sing. Don’t get me wrong; the first dude who tries to put his hands on me is gonna be sorry. That shit is so totally unnecessary! But CB’s so talented I can’t bring myself to write him off completely. No one’s all bad or all good, you know? That sentiment reminds me of my hero Sam… I want CB to settle down with some fabulous little woman and pop out some babies who dance and sing in their crib. 🙂 This duet with R Kelly is perfect old school R&B – just the right shade of filthy without being that gross, modern type of explicit. 


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