WIP: Just because I like being dominated in bed… #amwriting #erotic #romance

lips2I’ve got another unedited snippet from my latest WIP. My Laurel is submissive, yes. But she’s not a pushover…

“I’d very much like to fuck you, Laurel,” he whispered into her ear, nuzzling her and smiling at her gasp. He pulled her even closer, clasped a firm hand around the back of her neck as he began to sway them around the room in a parody of a dance.

“You’re probably thinking, we can’t. He’s my boss. It’s totally against the rules. And it is very much against the rules. So, you need to decide whether you want to be bad with me ‘cuz, see I’ve already made up my mind.” He pulled back and looked down at her. He leaned in close again and faux whispered, “I’m a bad guy.”

She chuckled softly.

“You need to know that up front, honey. There’s not gonna be any happy ever after here. But I will make you feel really really fuckin’ good before it’s over.”

She stared at him, smiling even though her eyes looked sad. “I appreciate that.”


“That you’re being so honest. A few questions?”

Great. Here comes the bullshit. “Shoot.”

“After we’re done is my job still safe?”

Smart and sexy. Noted. “Sure. As long as you continue to perform and don’t cause problems, I have no reason to get rid of you.”

“Okay. Will this be a one night stand?”

“Maybe, but I doubt it. You’re fuckin’ gorgeous. You’d have to be pretty fuckin’ bad in bed for me not to wanna fuck you at least a few times. It’ll take me that long to learn this curvy little body properly.” He stroked her sides, made free with her waist and pulled her white shirt from the waist band of her skirt so he could stroke the soft skin on her back. “If you like to play the way I do, I think we might have a short, but delightful future together.”

“And how exactly do you like to play?”

“Rough,” he said simply.

Her eyes doubled in size. He raised a brow in the face of her silence then turned, sat on the couch and waited. She stood there for a moment, then slowly shuffled forward and sank down close, but not to close.

He opened a crystal container on the coffee table, offered it to her. “Dessert. Godiva chocolate.”

He waited. She swayed toward him and stopped. He watched her unwrap and eat a chocolate.

“Be more specific, please.”

“I want to spank you, slap you around a little, pinch you, talk dirty, and if we’re in public and I get a sudden yen to fuck you, grab you by the back of the neck, the throat or yank you around by the hand.” He waited to see if she’d leave, speak, deny, shake her head, but she said nothing. She didn’t move. “None of this will be to hurt you. I don’t get off hurting women. I don’t want your pain. Not a lot of it anyway, and any pain I administer will always be hand and hand with intense pleasure. Pain on its own, if I caused it, my dick would probably go completely soft. I just like to dominate, and in order for me to do that, you would have to submit. I don’t want to humiliate you or make you feel less than.”

“Then what do you want?” she whispered.

“I just told you. I want your submission.”

He sat there, exercising a great force of will not to pull her into his arms and start the seduction in earnest. But he wanted her to make an informed decision. Before the emotions kicked in and ruined everything.

“This isn’t some Fifty Shades of Grey shit either. I’m not gonna strap you to a cross or use spreader bars or handcuffs. I’m not into that shit. I’m into good old fashioned hard driving fucking, and I like to be bossy in bed. End of story.”

“You’re bossy out of bed too.”

He smirked at her. “Well, I am the boss, so I guess that’s okay.”

“You may not want me after I tell you something.”

He smiled slowly. “What?”

“I’m a virgin.”

His smile fell. Fucking hell. “Bullshit.”

She nodded. “’Fraid so.”

He stared at her, trying to divine the truth, to figure out how that was possible, and she stared back and let him. “How? You’re fucking beautiful.”

She shrugged.

He scoffed. “That’s not good enough. I’m gonna need an explanation.”

“No, you don’t.”

“Yes, I do.”

“No, you don’t. Or, maybe you do, but you’re not getting one.”


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