I can be a bit of an a$$hole, but this? Wow. #amwriting #erotic #romance @ELLEmagazine

I freely admit that I can be a bit of an asshole. I suspect I was born that way, or at least socialized that way by a domineering mother – make all the connections you like. But It’s also a logical and unavoidable side effect of insisting on living my life on my own terms, and not allowing society et al to slap labels on my head and tell me how to act, feel, look, shit, you get the drift.Amy Berg

I also freely admit to being a bit of a perv – if thinking dominant, submissive sex is perfectly acceptable and cool is perverted – I’m cool with that. But you have to be a special kind of perverted asshole to not say or do anything when you know a child is being abused. Worse, it’s accepted by an entire *&$#!&$ industry? In-sane.

If you want your mind blown, read this article in the November 2014 issue of Elle – I’ve gotten behind I know. These frickin’ mags are stacked up like the Himalayas in my room – about documentary filmmaker Amy Berg and her latest project An Open Secret, about an underage sex ring.

“More than any other industry, our culture looks at child actors [as if] they’re getting something out of it too – they’re getting a job. They’re seen as not as innocent as the little kid who’s getting abused in church.”


Bottom line: Kids are kids. They’re vulnerable. They should be protected. Geez.


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