WIP: The first time with the right man might go something like this… #amwriting #erotic #romace

Good old Sam. He makes Laurel’s first time an unequivocal success. I hope you enjoy this unedited snippet, and I hope you drool over the details 🙂 and this is only part of the scene…

“It’s okay,” he whispered against her lips, his hands coming up to cradle her face as he pressed a series of soft kisses on her mouth and cheeks, even the end of her nose and her eyes. “I know you’re nervous. But you don’t have to be. It may pinch a bit, but after that you’ll feel so good. You believe me?”

She wanted to. “You’re too big,” she said, voicing her concern.Lips4

He laughed softly. “That almost sounds like a complaint. You’ll be glad for my cock size later, trust me. You’ll be glad I can reach all the way inside you and touch every bit of your walls on my way in and hit that little clit just right on my way out. And I’m not too big. You’re just being a chicken.”

She eyed him indignantly. “I am not a chicken.”

“Chicken,” he whispered, easily controlling her when she tried to buck him off and get away.

“Temper,” he teased. “You’re not going anywhere. Bad, curious little girls who sleep with the boss have to take what they’re given, and you’ve already made me wait days to get this little pussy. You, my girl, are going to get this big cock, and there’s nothing you can do about it.”

She gasped, glaring, but then she realized what he was doing. This was the rough he warned her about, probably the training wheels version of the games he liked to play. And it was his way of distracting her from –


Him getting that rampant cock all the way inside her body. Sneaky bastard.

She felt him grinning against her neck, and thumped him on the back with her fist. “Jerk.”

He nipped her bottom lip. “See if you feel that way in a few minutes.” He nuzzled her, kissed her ear, her chin, then his tongue pressed gently for entrance.

After a moment, Laurel opened her mouth for him. It didn’t hurt anymore. He hadn’t lied about that, but she still felt too full. How would she feel when he finally began to move?

But as he kissed her, and she kissed him back, her apprehension faded away. Her body grew wet, easing his way. She shuddered the first time he moved, a leisurely move back and a measured thrust forward.

“That’s it,” he crooned. “Oh, you feel so good. You’re gonna fuck my head up.”

“Huh?” She could barely hear him. All she could think was, he was right. It did feel good. So good. It was like being drugged. Each thrust, each retreat seemed to wipe away a little more thought. All she wanted to do was feel. How did people talk through sex? Or laugh? And what about those women who faked it, or whores who slept around for money?

The tiny part of her rational mind that was still functioning told her she was being too simplistic. Every sexual scenario was different, with different motivations. But as her head flopped back and forth on the pillow, and her heart rated accelerated so fast she couldn’t catch her breath, she knew one thing for sure. Her reaction wasn’t usual. It was special. It was Sam. He was the reason. Because he was her first. Because he was so good. Because they were so good together.

Their minds seemed to be moving along the same track.

“I’m the first one to ever feel you. The first one you’re feeling this with. Touch me,” he whispered, his hips slowly beginning to churn as her body lubricated his path.

Laurel rubbed his back, her hands meandering down to clutch his small ass. She liked holding him there, feeling him thrust in and out of her body, and soon she was propelling him forward harder, lifting her hips so he could move faster.

“Lift your legs and wrap my waist.”

He groaned when she obeyed. “Yes,” he whispered, and raised one of her legs even higher, pushing it back and moaning as their synchronized duel became even quicker.

Laurel loved the sounds he made. She arched and threw her hips at him. The pounding felt so good. That needy desperate feeling was back, and her hands fell away from his body. She couldn’t hold him. She was out of control. Her body was running the show now. Her head tossed within his hands, and she pushed at his shoulders, pulled at his forearms trying to get space, to grab reason, to get loose from the cage of his body around her.

He stopped moving and she cried out in disappointment, but he was only moving them, he pulled her up onto all fours and slid back in, covering her back.

“Head down,” he ordered, pushing her with a hand between her shoulder blades until her ass was up in the air.

She breathed deeper, butterflies exploding in her belly as a rush of wet warmth flooded her in welcome appreciation for the change. He felt different like this, he could move deeper, and soon she was panting, grunting in sync with him as he drove her rhythmically into the mattress. She groaned when he pulled her hair, keened when he reached beneath her to play with her clit.

He jerked her up, placing her hands against the headboard. This gave him access to her breasts, trembling with each forceful thrust, her nipples tight and every wiggle, every pinch of his fingers she felt a little lightning between her legs.

“Still mad?” he asked. “Or do you like this fucking?”

She wanted to scream, yes! But all she could manage was a groan as he continued to pound away inside of her. But it seemed he didn’t need an answer. He kept talking.

“I think you do. I think you love it. That’s why you’re creaming all over my cock. This too big cock you used to be scared of, but never will be again. Will you?”

Laurel was too gone to offer anything more than moans and pants and gasping breaths. His hands left her breasts, and he let her down until she was back on all fours. Her breasts bounced rhythmically as he fucked her, his big hands tight around her hips, digging in as he controlled her, pushing and pulling her boneless body into his thrusts. She didn’t try to participate. Why? He didn’t need her help, and neither did she. Her orgasm was rising, their movement so coordinated, a fabulous, dirty thrust and withdrawal that she wanted to last forever, but wanted to end all at the same time.

“Come,” he told her, rubbing her clit hard. “Come,” he ordered. And she did.

It was brutal, that climax. He fucked her through it all, alternating between pinching her nipples and her clit until she collapsed into a twitching heap right on her face. Dimly she was aware of his heart pounding against her back. Had he come too?

“God that was good.”


“I should deflower virgins more often.”

“Soon as I catch my breath, I’m going to beat you.”

He laughed, slapping her ass hard enough to make her yelp. “Not if I get you first.”


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