WIP: Shoot, I love this prick. #amwriting #erotic #romance

Poor Laurel. She’s no match for Sam. He’s made her fall in love with him, the prick. It started with the sex, but then he had to go and be smart and nice and considerate on top of it all. He even gives her his camera, a very expensive camera that even though it’s two years old, is pricier than the one she’s saving to buy. In this unedited snippet, she realizes despite her best efforts to stay aloof, he’s found his way into her heart. Damn! Now what? Is there a broken heart in her future?

…She squeezed, her hips rotating slowly.broken heart



She squeezed again, smiling at his groan even as her eyes closed, and she arched beneath his churning hips. She could never get enough of this. It shouldn’t feel this good. Nothing should. Nothing but Sam.

“You like it?”

She shuddered and nodded, but of course that didn’t satisfy him.


“Yes, I like it.”

“How much?”

“Too much.”

He laughed when she arched hard and began to twist her hips harder beneath him. He nuzzled at her ear, sucked gently on her neck even as his hips became fierce. “Good.” Then he took her mouth, mimicking his hips with his tongue and stealing her breath and her mind.

He moved up just a bit and that was it. She came apart under him and melted into the bed.

“You are too much,” he said, rolling to the side.

Laurel didn’t respond. She was trying to steady her breathing, testing to see if her limbs, fingers and toes still functioned after that orgasm.

“I’m gonna go home in a minute,” she said, eyes still closed. “I’m telling you now, while I have your attention because I don’t want to argue, and I don’t want you to say that I’m running out.”


“I have stuff to do and I wanna take some pictures.”

She waited but he didn’t say anything, and after a breath or two, he pulled her into his arms, and they napped for awhile. When they woke they took a bath together, and he fucked her again in the water, slowly, so the sloshing wouldn’t soak the floor. Then they had toast and avocado and he kissed her goodbye at the door so good and so hard, his hands squeezing her breasts and ass her body was thrumming with desire again fast. She had to tear herself from his arms.

“Later,” he said.

“Later,” she whispered at the closed door.

She walked to the train in a daze. It took her while to snap out of it. She was almost to her stop before her brain and body emerged from their Sam-induced fog. How did he do it? He just scrambled her brain so effortlessly.

Being around him was like being perpetually shocked with small volts of electricity. It was never enough to incapacitate her completely, but it was certainly enough to knock her off balance, and keep her there.

It’s because you love him, something whispered deep inside her.

Shoot, she thought, starting the walk home from the train. That’s what I was afraid of.

For a second she just stood there in the middle of the sidewalk. A woman ran into her when she stopped so abruptly and said something rude, but Laurel barely acknowledged her. She’d been struck almost dumb by the knowledge that despite her best efforts, despite having common sense in spades and being perfectly aware of how ridiculous it was to love a man like Sam, she’d still fallen in love with the jerk.

“It’s his fault,” she muttered, turning down her street. He was too lovable. Even when he was acting like a prick, he’d just all of a sudden, stop and be nice and considerate and thoughtful. It was uncanny.

One time she even accused him of having multiple personality disorder. Self-esteem not being one of his many issues, he just laughed, then kissed her so hard and good she forgot what she was pissed about in the first place.

“Love,” she whispered. Christ on the cross, as her old Granny would say. She so did not need this right now.

Things were just started to pop! Her career, her photography, even her wardrobe. Now she’d probably turn into a weepy, irrational mess, act like a nut, get herself fired and end up living in a shelter.

Laurel burst out laughing. She was standing by the elevator and didn’t notice one of the other tenants staring at her like she was a lunatic. Apparently the irrational bit had already started.

“I’m gonna be fine,” she told her entryway mirror. She said it again just to be sure, but somehow, she couldn’t quite make herself believe it.


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