WIP: The aftermath #amwriting #erotic #romance

Two in a row, I know, you’re swooning. I’m tryna make up for being such a poop butt before. This unedited snippet is really short. Chronologically it comes not long after the last one, but I hint at some of the drama. Hardy is Laurel’s estranged twin brother. Peter is the villain of this piece…

“So. You wanna tell me what that was about?”

“Not really,” Laurel laughed softly, stretching.Sheet

He watched the sheet slip and one pouty, pink tipped breast peek out before she rolled to her side.

He stroked her shoulder, one finger tracing the line of her neck to her ear. He flicked the lobe. “What did he say that upset you, Laurel.”

She was silent so long he thought she wouldn’t answer.

“Don’t make me spank you for real, honey. I promise you won’t like it this time.”

“He feels aggrieved, if you can believe that. Apparently Peter’s been filling his head with a pack of lies. He’s managed to convince Hardy that another boy I used to be friends with, Ron Yardley, attacked me. Apparently, in my weakened state I turned to Peter for comfort after he roughed me up, and now I’m too embarrassed that we had sex to show my face in Savannah.”

Sam laughed. “Sounds like a soap opera.”

“Yes. But, it’s just the kind of soap opera Hardy would believe.”

“Fucking Southerners! I need to meet this Peter character. I’m torn between the need to beat the shit out of him and wanting to laugh at the sheer depth of his manipulative skill. I almost wanna hire the fucker to advise my legal team.”

She reached back to swat him on the hip without turning around. Slowly she sat up and this time when she stretched, let the sheet fall unimpeded.

“Well, that sounds like a plan, darling,” she cooed, looking over her shoulder as she walked naked to the bathroom. “That’s just what every legal team needs, after all. An accomplished liar.”


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