WIP: You want me? Earn Me

So, I’ve been gone since November… I’m exaggerating but you know what I mean. I have been working, however, and I’m almost finished with the book. I hope to publish next month. I really hope you guys like it. It’s nothing earth shattering of course. I’m not gonna win the Pulitzer or anything – and in my opinion they should have a category for romance – but it’s not half bad. I’m sure you’ll tell me what you think – whether I wanna hear it or not! LOL. In this unedited snippet, Laurel’s just run from Sam’s apartment. He follows, and breaks down exactly how things are gonna be between them. Needless to say, he makes his point very well…

“Before we start I want you to know this isn’t some Fifty Shades scenario. I’m not working out my fucked up childhood on you, and I’m not gonna tie you up or use a crop or some other tool best saved for animals in a fucking barn. But like the guy in the book, I do want to control you. I like it. It gets me off, and it’s gonna get you off too. Got it?”

He pinched her lightly to make her gasp. “Answer me.”


“Yes, what?”

She hesitated, not knowing what he wanted.

“Yes, Sam,” he supplied.

“Yes, Sam,” she repeated softly.
making love2

“Good. Seven swats, I think. To start,” he added, stroking the lower curve of her ass. He barely restrained a laugh when she jumped. She was wonderful, this girl. “I know you’re a beginner so I’ll count. But next time, that will be your job.” He rubbed her ass again, gave her another hard pinch this time just to hear her gasp.

“You ready, little girl? Ready to take this beatin’ I got for ya?” He said this deliberately, wanting to remind her of her little story, and underscore the difference in his actions now. He pinched her other cheek. “Answer.”


“Yes, what?”

“Yes, Sam. I’m ready for my, beating.”

“Good girl.” And he hit her. “One.” He paused to talk shit. More than one ex had told him he had a nice, extremely effective line in filthy pillow talk, and he spared no blushes as he alternated compliments about her body with his no good ass plans for it. He hit her again. “Two.” More filth. Another swat. “Three. You want me to stop?”

She shook her head.

“Speak,” he ordered.

“No, I don’t want you to stop.”

“Stop what?”

“No, I don’t want you to stop my beating, Sam.”

Of course he already knew that. She was writhing all over his lap, her breathing was deep and audible, and her little hands were in fists. And – he stuck two fingers between her legs – she was soaking wet. God, she was perfect.

Even stretched out with some uber sexual squeezing and rubbing and some absolutely inspired dirty talk – those stupid hillbillies in Georgia would be grass green with envy if they saw you now, huh, baby? Pink and hot and ready to come on my lap like a fuse waiting for a light – the last few swats went too quickly.

He wanted to keep going, but he didn’t want to work her too hard, and her creamy flesh was already a lovely rose shade. He ran an appreciative hand over her ass. It was warm from his attention, and she arched into his hand. Thank God she liked this. He fucking loved it.

“See? You like being beaten, my girl,” he whispered, flipping her over to cradle her in his lap. He nuzzled and kissed her until they were both breathless, then did it some more, his hands roaming her body like it was braille and he’d recently lost his sight. “You just needed the right beating. See, all pain’s not the same. Some is bad; it’s administered with malintent. That kind you’ll never know again, not as long as I’m around. But the kind I got for ya, well. You see the difference. You wanna come, baby? Hmmm?”

She said nothing, just pressed her face into his throat, and he pressed a hand between her creamy thighs. She was sopping. No need for her mouth when her body said it all. But he didn’t want any doubt in her mind. He wanted to be sure she was with him, that she wanted this.

He flopped onto his back and left her there wobbling on his lap. She looked at him uncertainly, her big gold eyes wide and soft, pink lips swollen from her teeth and his lips, a hint of flush high on her cheeks. He wanted to inhale her she was so beautiful.

“Get the condoms out of my jacket.”

He knew she was surprised at his withdrawal. But exercising a great deal of will power, he made no move to help her, not even when she stumbled getting off his lap. He liked watching her shiver, her curves jiggling gently as she peeked at him. She was uncertain, but she was horny too, and that was an excellent combination. She brought the condoms back and tried to hand them to him, but he shook his head.

“You do it.”

“I don’t, I’ve never –”


She stared at him, and he almost gave in to her little face and big eyes, but he caught himself, reminding himself that he wanted to toughen her up. Inure her to the bullshit that life would surely throw at someone as beautiful and sweet as she was.

“You want me to fuck you?”

She hesitated, then offered a tiny nod.

“Then earn it.”


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