The Writing’s on the Wall, folks

Just heard the new Sam Smith song from the upcoming Bond film Spectre. Thumbs up. Of course, old Sam would have to do a lot for me not to like one of his tunes. But as I listened to it I started thinking. You know the plot to Spectre already. It’s the same as all the other Bond films. Bond is targeted by some nut bent on world domination/destruction, there will be sex or the suggestion thereof with more than one woman, and some of it will be gratuitous.

But how many films are there out there – franchises at that – where the tables are turned? Can you name one film where the female Bond sleeps around with more than one man, and no one raises an eyebrow? Yeah. It’s hard. Yet, everyone accepts Bond’s behavior – men’s behavior – without a qualm. It’s accepted, expected, and celebrated.

Thank God for romance novels, I say. At least within the pages of an erotic novel, a woman is free to buck the system and its hardwired stereotypes.


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