I’ve been gone awhile, but I’ve been writing, I swear. I just haven’t been posting. Bad Racy, I know. But I’ve sworn to do better. And I’m a good 20K into my next book, so boo if you thought I was a lazy, one book cunt. My new heroine Charlie is a sweetie. Hugh you met briefly in Hard Love. It was a pivotal scene, hopefully he grabbed your attention. He grabbed mine. I couldn’t get him out of my head. Anyway, I’ll get on with it. In this unedited snippet Hugh’s debating whether or not it’s a go. Of course, he decides it is. This is an erotic romance novel after all. Enjoy.

Hugh could read Charlie like a book. The raised eyebrows signaled a bit of apprehension. She was probably thinking she was too inexperienced for whatever he had coming. But the parted lips and fast, shallow breaths said she was interested nonetheless, and that was what he cared about.

He liked her inexperience. Not that he had some silly virgin fetish, though she was near that, but he liked knowing that he would be her first taste of pleasure. He planned to take the task of initiating her into the joys of sex very seriously. If he did his job right, she’d never forget him, might even measure other men against him. And if his rapidly swelling cock was any indication, his ego liked that idea just fine.

Very much on his mettle, he set about the very enjoyable task of making his little lover absolutely crazy. He’d teased her by sucking her juices off his finger, wanting her to know there was no area of her body that wasn’t delicious for him. But he waited before he explored that area again.

There were other body parts that needed to be petted and primed before he settled himself between her pale, slender thighs and feasted on that sweet, pink pussy.

Thin arms to stroke – he needed to put a little weight on her; get her strong for the fucking that was coming – and a narrow back to thoroughly examine with his fingers. Her little butt had to be thoroughly squeezed and pinched. It would like fabulous streaked with red and pink from the flat of his hand. He shuddered to think of her small body bent over his knee, vulnerable, waiting for whatever he chose to do with her.

He hadn’t realized he even liked small women. The women he’d dated in the past tended to be tall, to match his height, and bigger than Charlie’s rather waifish little bones. But he was fast changing his mind. He liked being able to lift and carry her like a doll, grab her little wrist or swallow her little peanut sized fist in his.

Now, seeing her splayed out, slender, gently curved and so delicate he shuddered to think of the bruises that might erupt on that pale, sweet flesh after a night of hard fucking. He’d have to be careful with her, but he wasn’t sure if he could. He wasn’t sure if he wanted to.

He didn’t want to hurt Charlie. Well, no more than he wanted to hurt any woman in the name of toe curling, head thrashing pleasure. But Hugh liked it a little rough. Not too rough, and not all the time, but there was something about taking a woman just a little bit too far, pushing her past the point where she thought she couldn’t return that made him – and her – come so fucking hard.

But Charlie was a sexual baby. With one lover under her belt, a bad one at that, she probably wasn’t even remotely ready for what he wanted from her. Trouble was, he was hot, really hot, for her, and he wasn’t sure he could wait for her to get ready.

He should probably fuck her a few times before he brought out the big guns. Once slow and soft, the beginning, get to know you sex. Then once a bit faster and harder to get her used to being sexually needy, to being fucked in multiple positions, to waiting on him to satisfy her. Then, ideally, they’d have one good old fashioned fuck before he started to really play with her.

He stared at her, lying there so quietly while he stroked all over her body, ratcheting up her pleasure by slow, sensuous degrees as her body heated and he stoked the flames. He watched almost clinically as she writhed as he covered her breasts with his hands and squeezed, kneading as he trailed kisses down her warm, creamy skin.

He could smell her desire, and it was making his head swim and his cock painfully hard. He pinched her nipples hard and reveled in her moan as he nosed around her short pussy hair until he found the little nub that –

She cried out when he closed his mouth on her clit. He sucked, releasing her breasts to push her thighs wide open. There was absolutely no resistance, and he grunted his satisfaction as his tongue came out to lick and play.

No, he wouldn’t be able to slow things down. He’d have to make it up to her later…


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