Inspiration and the Original

So I just recently got into Ariana Grande. What can I say? If it’s popular I automatically turn away as if I would be turned to stone, LOL. But the girl can sing. She reminds me – and no doubt many others – so much of Christina Aguilera, after I watched a few of her videos, I migrated to Xtina. It made me think about creativity and art, written or vocal, and how few voices are truly, truly original. Each of these singers is undoubtedly special in their own way. There’s probably a Hispanic singer who came before Xtina that I don’t know who inspired her, just as she probably inspired Ariana.

In romance, there are so many wonderful writers, genre benders, record breakers, so many of whom I love for different reasons – Jaid Black, Sylvia Day, Nora Roberts, Betty Neels – and all of whom are also special in their own way. There aren’t many original ideas left, though. These days its about execution and consistency, the complete package if you will, and that is perhaps harder – and more valuable – than being that special voice of a generation.

I struggle with consistency, but I’m getting better. So give your girl a little encouragement, huh? Buy, read, like, review Hard Love. I’m no Christina Aguilera/Ariana Grande. But with your support I might be one day.


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