WIP: When the dust cleared, the most beautiful man she’d ever seen held her hand.

Picking up where I left off last week, after Charlie met her hero…enjoy this unedited snippet!


“Yeah.” She wanted to curse when she heard her shaky voice, but she straightened her shoulders, looking up with thanks on her lips, only to find herself struck dumb.

Perhaps it was the halo of sunlight around his head? Or maybe she was feeling especially thankful and grateful, but her unnamed hero was literally one of the most beautiful men she’d ever seen.

Not pretty. The silly little shit who’d just split her lip and had her eye throbbing like a bad tooth was pretty. Although maybe a little less so after her hero had knocked him down with one punch and sent his ass scurrying down the street like a scalded rat.

This man was majestic. He was big, with broad shoulders and a square jaw. He had big eyes too, a piercing green made even brighter by his tan skin. There was a scar at the corner of his left eye. It went perfectly with that tough jaw and thin, rather cruel upper lip. She squinted as the sun caught him again, running through his thick, honey brown hair and making it shine as bright as his straight white teeth.

I’m a lousy poet, she thought. Her flowery thoughts didn’t do her unknown hero a bit of justice.

“Are you sure you’re alright?”

“Yeah, thanks for stepping in. You saved me from getting my ass kicked.”

“Anytime. Those punks bother you a lot?”

She waved a dismissive hand, looked around, picked up her backpack and moved to go.

“Where you off to?”

She hesitated, but there was no reason not to tell him. “Store. It’s not far. I’ll be fine. Thanks again, okay? I appreciate the help.”

She would have left, but a gentle hand stopped her. She turned back, hoping she wasn’t about to add another problem to a rapidly growing list, and found him holding out her earbuds, still attached to her phone.

“Jesus,” she muttered, and burst out laughing. “I’m gonna owe you my first born in a minute.”

He grinned, and she stared for a minute as his full lower lip stretched enticingly over those strong teeth.

“I think you could tell me your name and we’ll call it even.”

“Charlie,” she said, sticking out a hand.

His big paw swallowed hers whole as he gently shook it. “Hugh.


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