Whoever said that virgins were malleable and easy was either stupid or a liar.

erotic contemporary romanceMen. If they weren’t so stupid you’d probably feel sorry for them. Then again, maybe not. Sam’s dealing with the fact that Laurel, despite being a virgin, isn’t nearly as malleable as he thought she’d be. 

In this snippet, which picks up from the Sept. 20th entry, Sam is getting a clue that his original plan for Laurel isn’t going to work. Even weirder, he doesn’t want it to…


Hard Love is out now. 


She hadn’t said anything about Hardy’s response after this creep Peter mistreated her, but if the asshole was strong enough to what did she say? Sell her out? He doubted very seriously whether he’d have the sack to stick up for her after he saw the damage his friend did. Two worthless pricks, they deserved each other.

So, yeah. He was sorry she had to go through that. But it was over. Long over. She was with him now, and he wasn’t gonna share her with some bullshit ass memories that deserved to be buried deep and forgotten.

“Laurel –”

“I’m tired,” she whispered.

He glared at her. He wanted to spank the shit out of her for cutting him off. Instead he took a deep breath and let her win. She’d have to talk to him about this tomorrow. Actually it was better then. It would be light, and she wouldn’t have anywhere to hide.

He pulled her close and his dick got hard as she sighed like a little wounded bird and snuggled down. But he did nothing. He was lucky she hadn’t kicked him out. This is what he got for dating someone so young and innocent. Silly broad. Then again, women of all ages were usually aggravating as hell. Always turning stupid shit into a federal production.

Can you fuckin’ imagine holding on to memories of a beating from damn near a decade ago? Hell, if he did that he wouldn’t be able to do shit else, including stand upright and take regular farts. He’d gotten his ass beat so many times as a kid he couldn’t remember the number, and she was hung up on one incident.

Jesus. Chalk it up to the game already. Silly bird. This on top of the usual shit women harbored thanks to the bullshit lying men and other crazy, stick up the ass women put in their heads, he figured he had his work cut out for him.

His hand wandered a bit. Stroked her hip and squeezed an ass cheek, and she tensed, but when she murmured he stroked her gently and she relaxed. His warmth and the incongruous sweetness of his embrace lulled her to sleep.

He lay awake for a while thinking. Usually by this point in a hook up he’d be putting his shoes on to get the hell out. There was too much pussy out there to waste time fucking with a problematic one. And leaving would have been so easy. Hell, it was what she professed to want. He could have been out of there in less than five minutes, and left her with a smile on his face. Hell, he didn’t have to come here at all. And honestly, he wasn’t sure why he did, beyond the fact that he still wanted to fuck her.

He definitely hadn’t had his fill. There was still much fun to be had. He wanted to teach her how to blow him, and ride him. He’d never fucked her in the shower, or in other rooms in his house, nor in her surprisingly comfortable, if small, bed.

She’d talked about things ending, which he’d told her they would. But now he didn’t want it to. His gut and his cock were both urging him to stick it out. He wanted to teach her everything he knew about sex and how to please him and herself. He wanted to teach her about life, take her places, grow a little self-esteem in her, so the assholes who would come after him wouldn’t be able to take advantage of her.

It wasn’t a relationship or some bullshit. He wasn’t in love, for fucks sake. It was just, Laurel was different. She was one for the record books. He’d managed to find a real live virgin in the big city, who was drop dead fucking gorgeous, smart, and actually listened.

He shook his head even now that she’d actively absorbed his earlier speech about their association being a short one. Not only that, she took him to heart and assumed one night was all they had. He should probably have her bronzed, or stuffed and mounted. There was no way a woman like this was ever happening again in his lifetime.

And if he was honest, he’d been completely fucking pissed when he woke up and realized she was gone. He called her name, and when she didn’t answer, he went to the bathroom, then the kitchen, and when he realized he was alone, he was like, what the fuck?


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