Fate is real. Sometimes it bites you in the ass. Sometimes it sends a man who wants to bite you in the ass.

erotic contemporary romanceLaurel’s a good girl. Always has been. But even good girl’s can be tempted. When her new boss takes an interest in her she has to make a big decision. Take the plunge and dance with him in his bed for a brief time, or opt for security. 

The trouble is with being a good girl, that shit gets old after awhile. Even good girls like to be a little bit bad.

Enjoy this snippet from Hard Love is out now.

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Don’t push a country girl too far. They may seem like it’s all slow drawls and sugar, but you push one too hard, and you will find yourself on the wrong side of their tongue.

There’s nothing like a fight to get the juices flowing. That may sound dysfunctional, but you know it’s true. When a man – or a woman – cares enough to scrap it says something. And when the scrap is harmless but leads to that sweet kind of loving…why not?

In this unedited snippet from my latest WIP, Charlie and Hugh have a little dust up, but sometimes gettin’ a little loud can lead to the very best kind of quiet time. Continue reading “Don’t push a country girl too far. They may seem like it’s all slow drawls and sugar, but you push one too hard, and you will find yourself on the wrong side of their tongue.”

Night time was always the hardest. That’s when she was most vulnerable.

erotic contemporary romanceThere’s something about a damaged heroine that’s so compelling. It’s not that you want someone to hurt. At least, I hope you don’t. That would be kinda shitty. I think it’s more that so many of us can relate. Who hasn’t been crossed in love? Some of us so badly the memories give us nightmares long after the relationship is over.

Fortunately, there’s always a happy ever after to look forward to when that damaged female is safely within the pages of a book. Better on the page than in your mirror I always say!

In this snippet, my heroine Laurel is fighting the demons that like to creep in between the sheets with her at night. Sometimes she wins. Sometimes she doesn’t. Continue reading “Night time was always the hardest. That’s when she was most vulnerable.”

A real man comes baring gifts and asking questions.

There’s something so appealing about a man who pays attention, especially when it comes to food. I know I can never resist a man who cares enough to ask if I’ve eaten, or if I’m hungry? Or, who asks after my comfort. Got a boo boo of some kind? I need Mr. Man to check it out and make sure it’s healing. Nothing says you care like changing someone’s Band-aid. Ew.

In this unedited snippet from my latest WIP hero Hugh drops in on Charlie, and he comes bearing gifts of fresh cold-pressed juice. Not one, but many! What can I say, my heart beats for large quantities of food as well as for food in general.

Plus, I love Hugh because he’s not scared of Charlie. She can snap and snarl – in between emptying bottles of expensive ass juice – and he just shrugs it off and asks her out to lunch. That’s a man for you.



He scowled at her and thrust a large bottle of orange juice into her hands. “Why the hell don’t you answer your phone?” Continue reading “A real man comes baring gifts and asking questions.”

You couldn’t call him a sweetheart. Sam Rhodes was a boss, there was absolutely no denying that.

erotic contemporary romanceYou can tell a lot about a man, especially a big wig, by the way he treats his employees. Sam Rhodes is every inch a boss, but there’s more to this master of the universe type than power, talent and a Herculean work ethic.

In this scene from Hard Love with his executive assistant, I show – I hope – his edge, his humor, and a little bit of his heart when he realizes my heroine Laurel is one of his most dedicated employees. His first instinct is to give her a reward, but that doesn’t mean a raise.


Hard Love is out now.


“Who’s the late girl?”

“The late girl?”

“The page three girl in editorial with the long black hair, gold eyes and red lips. The X-rated Sleeping Beauty who always wears black pants or skirts and white button downs. Always stays late?”

His assistant gave him side eye rather than turn around.

“What’s with the attitude? Answer me,” he said impatiently, resisting the urge to roll his eyes.

Cute. She was feeling protective. Women. Even when they were backstabbing, catty – or in Char’s case, silly – they’d pick the oddest times to stick together.

“Her name’s Laurel,” Char said reluctantly. “Sweet, Southern, good little worker. But she’s being taken advantage of by her coworkers.”

“How so?”

“She’s a nice, eager to please girl, and they always give her their work, play on her kindness. Always talkin’ like, I gotta leave early today, or I gotta take a long lunch to run to the store. I gotta go get my hair done ‘cuz I gotta date, blah blah bah, can you help me? So, she works late doing her work and theirs, and they skip out before five.”

“How the hell long has this been going on?”

The phone rang. She held up a finger. “Rhodes Design House, Sam Rhodes’ office. This is Char speaking. I’m so sorry, Mrs. Yardley. You just missed him. May I take a message? I certainly will. Thank you for calling.”

Sam didn’t even blink. He was used to the coat switching by now; from the Bronx to the big office and back again, real quick, as she liked to say. “The late girl?”

“Huh? Oh! Yeah. They been clownin’ her damn near since she got here. It’s been a good few months now.”

That gorgeous female had been right here under his nose that long? He was working too hard. Her curvy little ass should have been bent over his couch at least a half dozen times by now. He’d need at least that many fucks to properly anoint all those curves.

She gave new meaning to the phrase pocket Venus. Forget Sleeping Beauty. The old fairytale miss hadn’t been stacked like Miss Laurel. She was like a modern day Rosie the Riveter. And that accent, soft, sweet. It would sound wonderful in the dark. Then again, so would nothing, especially if that full, red mouth of hers was full of his dick.

He was definitely slipping. Times gone by he’d never have let a prime piece of pussy like that escape his attention. But things had been so fucking good with business lately, the past few years actually. Money was coming in hand over fist from new advertisers, and the consulting arm of his business was growing so rapidly, it would soon eclipse advertising revenue.

Pussy had been the last thing on his mind. He hadn’t even had a friend with benefits or a bar hook up to take the edge off in more months than he cared to count. A fact his balls chose to remind him of when he spied the new girl working late last night.


“You gonna do somethin’ about it?”

What the hell was she on about? Oh, duh, the late girl. “I’m the boss aren’t I?”

Char just rolled her eyes and started typing like the speed of light, the dangling decorations on her nails flying every which way. He looked around, found no one watching and gave her the finger as he went back in his office. As always, she ignored him.

When love bites you in the ass, sometimes all you can do is limp away and take it in.

No matter how much you don’t want something, sometimes fate has other ideas. You could be spurned, horrible so, in love, but the universe will tilt and send a man your way who will not be ignored. 

You can kick and fuss and even cuss him out, but he’ll keep coming back, and if that spark is there – and of course it is, otherwise you wouldn’t be fighting so hard – he will get his way. 

In this unedited snippet from my current WIP, our heroine Charlie is ready to wave the white flag for her hero Hugh.



They were together after that. He told her so.

“You’re mine now,” he said, reaching down to help her tie her shoes as they were preparing to go for a walk. Hugh had decided she needed exercise.

“Are you mine too?”

“Of course.”

And that, Charlie thought, was apparently that. Of course she fell in love with him. She was pretty sure it happened before they even had sex. She refused to feel bad about it.

She was young. He was the first man since her father who showed her any kindness. He fucked like a dream, and he protected her without thought. She figured she didn’t have a choice. Loving him was simply the right thing to do. Continue reading “When love bites you in the ass, sometimes all you can do is limp away and take it in.”

Whoever said that virgins were malleable and easy was either stupid or a liar.

erotic contemporary romanceMen. If they weren’t so stupid you’d probably feel sorry for them. Then again, maybe not. Sam’s dealing with the fact that Laurel, despite being a virgin, isn’t nearly as malleable as he thought she’d be. 

In this snippet, which picks up from the Sept. 20th entry, Sam is getting a clue that his original plan for Laurel isn’t going to work. Even weirder, he doesn’t want it to…


Hard Love is out now. 


She hadn’t said anything about Hardy’s response after this creep Peter mistreated her, but if the asshole was strong enough to what did she say? Sell her out? He doubted very seriously whether he’d have the sack to stick up for her after he saw the damage his friend did. Two worthless pricks, they deserved each other.

So, yeah. He was sorry she had to go through that. But it was over. Long over. She was with him now, and he wasn’t gonna share her with some bullshit ass memories that deserved to be buried deep and forgotten.

“Laurel –”

“I’m tired,” she whispered. Continue reading “Whoever said that virgins were malleable and easy was either stupid or a liar.”